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Procedure should follow when buying a House in Salt Lake City, Kolkata

House Buying Process in Salt Lake Kolkata

by CT Realtor Admin August 28, 2019

We are happy to write here a Step By Step House Buying Process in Salt Lake Kolkata.

If you want to know about buying process of Residential Property in Salt Lake Kolkata, then you are at the right place this time. We will guide you in few steps to purchase your dream home in Salt Lake City Kolkata. Must Know House Buying Process in Salt Lake Kolkata before doing any transaction. Know Types of 999 Years Lease Property, Lease Transfer Process and Registration Process before purchase.

1. Calculate your Budget:

First of all you have to calculate your budget. It is the 1st and foremost step to buy a property in Salt Lake and anywhere in Kolkata. You have to calculate how much money you can invest or arrange to buy a house.

Besides the Price of the House, you also have to calculate other expenditure like Legal fees, Stamp duty and Registration Fees and Agency fees or brokerage charges if any also.

2. Finding the best Property as you Desired.

Now you can search your property according to choice, preference and budget. You may find List of Residential for Sale in Salt Lake Kolkata.

3. Negotiation & Booking.

This is the time you can do all the negotiations regarding price and other terms and conditions. After a satisfactory negotiation you can pay a token amount to lock that property in your name.

4. Legal searching of the property.

After booking of a property you may ask for Papers and documents for legal searching from a competent authority.

5. Signing of Agreement

After a successful legal searching, now you can enter into a final agreement with buyer by paying a certain percentage of property price.

6. Application of Transfer of Lease to UDD.

Now Landlord/ Property owner shall have to apply to urban development department to transfer the lease of plot into buyer’s name.

7. Payment of Lease Transfer Fees.

To transfer the lease of land into buyer’s name, UDD will ask for transfer fees, which have to pay to complete this transfer process.


After completion of transfer of lease of plot, you are eligible for registration. Now you have pay stamp duties and registration fees to get registered the property into your name.



S. N. Joshi May 22, 2019

I am interested to buy a House in Sector-II Salt Lake City, Kolkata. Very glad to know this article about House Buying Process in Salt Lake, this will help me a lot. Please send me a list of House available for Sale in Sector 2 Salt Lake Only. BK, BL, CK and CL Block is preferable. Need House on 4.25 Kottah Plot. Budget as per market price.


N. Mukherjee May 25, 2019

I am interested to buy an Independent Residential House in Salt Lake City, Kolkata. Plz let me know the when should I come to inspect properties preswntly available to you. Thanks

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